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Nancy Teague

Nancy Teague

Native Nebraskan. Professional Artist. Married 45 years and counting, two sons, five grandchildren. Grew up going to church. Overwhelmed by the reality of His Holy Spirit in my 20’s. Involved in ministry for four decades. Experienced His power to deliver, heal, and set free. Called to go upstream in 2007 (hey, maybe that is connected to my love of fly fishing!). In my ‘old age’ getting free from religious tradition and legalism – I had no idea! Being wowed by His eternal purposes and grace for ALL. What an adventure in Him – fun,  joyful, mysterious, surprising, stretching, priceless, restful, transforming, simple yet profound. How can I not share this fresh, yet eternal, pure good news?!


2 responses to “About the Author

  1. Oh my goodness!! I love what you write!!! So glad I found you!!! I only just found Christ 4 years ago. Well, I think He had had enough of my wondering and yanked me in, you could say. So I am excited to find your writing so early on in my walk with Christ.

    • Thank you Lynn for your kind and encouraging words! I got a chuckle out your “yanked me in” – but do know He is fully persuaded about who He knows you to be. Our wondrous journey is growing in the revelation of that true identity. He who the Son sets free is free indeed. We just get to discover how free we really are (and have always been) – in Him! You are on an adventure of fullness upon fullness. Enjoy!

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