Who does God choose to be His?

Mel Wild’s post on who does God chose for salvation aptly shows God chose all and wants all.
Now religion says it is up to us to do something in order to get saved and ‘go to heaven’.
God’s Not Dead 2 movie shows the traditional process – a young gal confesses her sins to God, asks Him to forgive her of all those sins, and asks Jesus to come into your heart.

Religion’s focus is sin. It makes salvation guilt bearing, fear laden, and performance driven. God’s focus is delight in and desire of us. Hi salvation is restorative and full of joy-filled welcoming.
Check out Jn 1:12 that shows the restoration of our eternal sonship.
– “as many as RECEIVED (Grk. to grasp, understand, aggressively lay hold of) Him, to them He GAVE (Grk. to give something to someone that was already there’s in the first place, to return) the right/authority to BECOME (Grk. to finish, complete, birth, origin, to come into being, transition from one realm/condition to another) children of God.

God’s choosing is bigger than we have been taught!

In My Father's House

Accept-RefuseIt’s common for us evangelical Christians to quote John 6:44, No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him,to say that no one can come to God on their own. Amen.

But does this mean that God is the Great Cosmic Team Captain, sorting through all

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2 responses to “Who does God choose to be His?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I always like to learn the meaning of words especially as it it relates to certain words and teachings I’ve been stuck on. Thanks for digging in and sharing what you learn.

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