More thoughts about God’s thoughts toward you

I’m way behind on my next post because of the May 6th deluge of 10″ in Lincoln that brought water into our home, unbeknownst wet shoes that caused me to slip and fall on our entry way tile thus hurting my back, and 4 weeks of yard work to rectify the water issues. Good thing my husband’s back was strong and ready, as I gingerly helped!

So I share with you this post by Mel Wild because it goes hand in hand with my series on grace.

Since the meaning of grace (Old and New Testament) has to do with charming, pleasant, precious, elegance of form and acceptance, yearning for, inclined towards, leaning towards for one’s benefit – then God’s innumerable thoughts toward you is confirmation.

If we can ‘get this’ (His thoughts toward us) at some level, then we will also begin to understand the fullness of grace.

May you pause to consider how you stir Him with multitudinous wondrous delighted thoughts – all about YOU!

In My Father's House

Beach_Brandon_AndrewHow long would it take for God to exhaust all of His thoughts about you?

I shared how God can’t stop thinking about us in my post last week titled, “God’s thoughts toward you.” If you haven’t read that yet, I would suggest you go there first. Today, I would like to put it all into perspective.

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