Joe Cocker Is Beautiful Has Always Been Beautiful Even As You Are

This morning I heard the news of Joe Cocker’s death.

Immediately my thoughts went to having heard his wonderful song “You Are Beautiful” on the radio about two months ago.

Listening to it, while driving my car, tears welled-up in my eyes. It felt like God was singing that song to me as well as every single person in the world.

Joe Cocker, you probably didn’t know how prophetic your voice and song were of God’s heart towards humanity. Thank you. And thank you God for making Joe Cocker!

In an article I read this morning, Cocker, when being interviewed by NPR two years ago, told them “You Are Beautiful” was his favorite song. He also shared this was originally a gospel song whose lyrics Billy Preston rewrote into more of a love song. Cocker said, “It kind of woke up something – that softer side.”

Additional thanks to Billy Preston for tapping into the heart of God when you changed the lyrics!

Cocker had a troubled younger life with drugs and alcohol. Wild eyed and gyrating moves with a captivating gravely voice. And all along God would have been singing to His son these words – “Joe, you are so beautiful to Me, can’t you see? You’re everything I’ve hoped for, you’re everything I need..such joy and happiness your bring.”

Now Joe Cocker ‘sees’ – magnified in eternity.

Imagine the melodic echo going on between the Godhead and Joe Cocker now – as they sing to each other – “You are so beautiful to me.”. Oh my goodness!

Of course some religious folk would chime in – “We don’t know if Joe Cocker went to heaven. He might not have asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and save him.” Yee gads! How small some make of God’s unconditional love and Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

Please let this prophetic song wash over your heart. Let it touch the ‘softer side’ of you – the real you. Feel His delight over you.

You are beautiful to Him. In fact, that is why Jesus became flesh, to show you how awesome you are and a reflection of God Himself! Oh, may you see. It is part of fullness and your true original identity.


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