Your Sin Influences God and God Judges You. Really?

Do you believe your sin influences God in His attitude, feeling, or actions towards you?

Judgment on sin

  • Is God going to judge you for your sin?
  • What if you have repented of your sins, is God still judging you for new sins?
  • Does God send people to hell because of certain sins? How about those people who are cutting off heads, of late?
  • What about Robin Williams, was he judged for his sins?

If “Yes” is to any of the above questions, then know that you are bound up in a religious Christian mindset that believes in a false Gospel.

The true Good News really is good news, not ‘kind of’ good news.

The False Good News – YOU must deal with your sin

Traditional Christianity teaches that sin still needs to be dealt with.

And if you don’t deal with it by

  1. Acknowledging you are a sinner
  2. Repenting of your sins – i.e. feel sorry for your awful self and be deeply remorseful
  3. Ask, plead, beg God to forgive you
  4. Ask God to cleanse you
  5. Ask Jesus to be your Savior and Lord

Then you cannot go to heaven. In other words you get to go to hell.

It’s up to YOU

It is up to you to determine your eternal place after this earthly life.

My, what a big responsibility and requirement we put on ourselves and everyone! What bondage the traditional religious mindset has put on ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’!

Horror or delight

With this kind of conditional ‘it’s up to you’ religious ‘Good News’ comes our clear determination of who won’t or will make it to heaven. Our determination will be much to our horror or much to our delight.

Here’s how it works

  • horror if your beloved relative or dear friend has not done the religious steps to secure a place in heaven
  • delight if your beloved ones did go through the steps to attain heavenly security
  • delight because certain one, for example – ‘vicious head chopping terrorist’, have to go to hell (because we know there’s no way they will do the salvation steps and obviously are not worthy to go to heaven anyway)
  • horror to imagine that someone like those ‘vicious head chopping terrorist’ could possibly even get into heaven – just the possibility of it is nauseating

Sin Controls God is impotent

Do you realize this kind of religious thinking gives power to sin and implies that God is impotent?!

It says in effect

  • the torture Jesus experienced was not sufficient
  • Jesus’ death was not enough
  • God’s love is conditional
  • you have to live in uncertainty in your relationship with God
  • your sin dictates God’s actions
  • your sin determines God’s feelings toward you
  • evil ultimately controls and influences God
  • your actions determine whether you are on God’s good side or God’s bad side
  • God is fickle, schizophrenic, unpredictable, partial, demanding

Many Christians are fixated on this delusional perceived power of sin and the requirements to clean up their act.

Crap or Truth

If you identify with any of the above ‘crap’ (excuse my language, but remember even Paul used ‘dung’ to describe all his self-righteous efforts – Php 3:8), then please know God does not want you stuck in this.Scoop Shovel of Truth Deals With Religious Crap He has a big shovel to get rid of it for you.


This scoop shovel is powered by Truth. Truth sets you free. Jesus came to set you free, free indeed. (Jn 8:22) Hey, do we even know what that means?!


Dig In

  • Know up front, your sin does not in any way, affect how God feels about you. He thinks you are wonderful and have always been wonderful.
  • Religious Christianity focuses on sin. That is not God’s focus, so why should it be yours? (Heb 10:17)
  • Do you really understand judgment when it comes to God? Do you realize that we put our notion of judgment onto God? You will be amazed at the judgment already wrought by Jesus. God’s justice and judgment are nothing like our worldly way of justice and judgment. His wonderful judgment on you is part of your fullness and your certainty!

P.S. Next post – exploring His wonderful Scoop Shovel of Truth.


6 responses to “Your Sin Influences God and God Judges You. Really?

  1. Sir, If I may correct you, the ONLY way to Heaven is through putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, who died for you. You also must turn from your sin, and repent – in being born again, which is accepting that Christ died for you, and asking for Him to save you and acknowledging him as your Lord and Savior, you will be a new creation, one who will turn from religion and the world, and will be in Him.

    God loved you so much, he sent his son for the world.
    Jesus loved you so much, he died for you.
    Just believe in him, have faith, and turn from sin – ask for his saving grace – and he will put your name in the Book of Life.
    Please see the truth, and I will pray for you.

    “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe in him, shall have eternal life” – John 3:16

    • Thank you for your comments and your concern. Really appreciate you taking the time to share your heart and understanding.

      I agree there is only one way for salvation, or ‘one way to heaven’, as you put it. This way is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ. Since Paul said we are seated in the heavens in Christ Jesus (please note it is not ‘heavenly places’ as some translations say – ‘places’ is not in the Greek, just ‘heavens’) – then it is apparent that ‘heaven’ itself is in Jesus! Since all the fullness of the Godhead is in Jesus (Col 2:9) then just imagine how beautiful and big He is! (Eph 2:6)

      The phrase ‘born again’ is a misnomer – something religious folk came up a long time ago. It is not an accurate translation of Jesus’ word to Nicodemus about “being born again”. You might find my post on this topic of interest and to see how it fits with the fullness of the Gospel, not the religious Gospel that most of us have been taught.

      I have come to see this fullness of the Gospel in terms of His ‘finished’ work through many other passages. Here are just a couple
      • God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them…so be reconciled. (2Cor 5:19,20)
      • if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more having been reconciled we are saved in/within His life. (Rom 5:10) Please note that some Romans 5:10 translation say “shall be saved” – but in the Greek the word is just ‘sozo’ – saved, delivered, rescued. It has nothing to do with a future tense based on some action we do. That is the wonder of His work! We just come into revelation of His finished work and His free offer of a new creation. It is not dependent on steps we have to do to receive salvation. It is there for the taking.

      Then of course we have to consider the scriptures where God says “I remember your sins no more” (Heb 10:17) The writer of Hebrews goes on to say, ‘…where there is complete forgiveness/pardon of these, there is no longer an offering for sin…therefore with boldness enter His presence. If He doesn’t remember our sins anymore and there is complete forgiveness of them – why do we make it a requirement to confess them?

      Sin is not a big issue for God, but it is for religion. God focuses on our true identity – made in His image. His wondrous plan totally restored that image. Most have not awakened to that incredible truth. “Through one Man’s righteous act the free gift came to ALL (emphasis mine)men, resulting in justification (Greek – acquittal, process of absolution, approval) of life (Greek – life physical and spiritual).

      I love John 3:16 that you quoted. God loves the world! In all its mess! And has never stopped loving all the world. Jesus’ death and resurrection was for the whole world – One died for all, therefore all died! (2Cor 5:14) Whoever believes has to do with being persuaded (believe – Greek affirm, have confidence, trust . It comes from the word used for faith. Faith in the Greek means ‘divine persuasion on the human heart’. God has great faith in us, great faith in what He made in His image! His faith persuades us as to who we really are in Him.

      Religion focuses on the sin, but God knows the true reflection of Him in us. So when we really believe the way God desires for us – we are persuaded by what is true, accept and receive the truth of His eternal love for us, and turn from our false identity of sinner.

      John 1:12 confirms this wondrous Gospel of restoration and true identity – ‘as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.’ Here’s two words that when we know the Greek meaning of them causes a big shift from the religious way of understanding this verse. The Greek for ‘received’ means to comprehend, to grasp, to understand, to grab hold of assertively. The Greek for ‘gave’ means to give something to someone that was already theirs in the first place, to return.

      Those are amazing words – we awaken to the fact that we were already ‘born again’ (Greek – from above) – already His child. He just returns this eternal truth to us.

      I too believed, for most of my 60+ years, what you laid out in your comments. But there is a fullness to this Good News that religion has never seen. I am so thankful to have grasped and comprehended the largess of the true Gospel, even after all these years. It is never too late to come into His unspeakable joy!

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and concern.

      • Wonderful reply, Nancy ❤ I guess the gist of what you're saying there is that yes, Jesus is the only way…but he will see to it that we will all come and be drawn to him. He knows us best, and he knows how to reach our hearts in ways that no human or religion can… No one is saying that you can be "saved" without Jesus, but we will all (every person who has ever lived) come to truly know and enter into fellowship with him–which is Gods will. Yay 😀

        Random question for ya, but what are we as Christians supposed to make of the violent passages that are in the Bible. The ones that instruct us to stone people, to kill people, to have slaves…one could say that that is evidence that God isn't all to loving, right? (even tho he is) I've been wondering this, and I wanted to ask before I forgot to lol

      • You summed it up well, N!

        In regards to your great question about what to do with the violent passages – it just so happens my next post will be using the “stone people” dynamic to show the true Good News. So excited about what I am ‘seeing’ and eager to share it!

        As a general response to the difficult passages they all must be seen through and interpreted through what the Word made flesh ultimately declared. If we don’t have a Christ-centered filter/view we will continue to be confused and distant in knowing who God really is. It is wondrous that God gave His FINAL word through His Son. Every other ‘word’ (of God or man) must line up with the WORD made flesh. Glorious!

  2. God is love. Is he not equal parts just? What does his justice look like? Would his love not be fully realized if not balanced again this justice?

    Your blog and opinion fall flat if you do not balance your writings with the whole story. Describe all his attributes.

    • Sorry for my late reply.
      I assume your use of ‘just’ and ‘justice’ has to do with consequential punishment for wrong doing or wrong believing, which could even result in going to hell? Based on surmising the meaning of your of your comments, I will respond accordingly. If my surmising is wrong please let me know.

      Interesting question – ‘God is love. Is He not equal parts just?’ There is no scripture that states He is “equal parts just”.

      Scripture clearly says “God is love.” (1Jn 4:8) All of His attributes flow from this core essence of His being. Paul even describes His agape love in 1Cor 13:4-7 – patient, kind, longsuffering, not taking in to account a wrong suffered, etc. We would have to fit ‘just’ in this description of love.

      Man’s definition and perception of ‘just’ would say we have to ‘balance’ love with retribution and punishment for those who hurt others or do wrong. We like the “eye for an eye” paradigm, as evidenced by our justice system which is based on a punitive justice. It is interesting to note that this kind of thinking was particularly developed in the religious system by Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, during 11th Century. He taught that it depends on who we offend or hurt as to what our punishment will be. e.g. you take out your neighbor’s eye then he gets to take out your eye; you take out your boss’ eye then he can take out both your eyes’; you take out the king’s eye then he takes out your eyes as well as the eyes of all in your family. Since God is the most important being then offending him leads to the most severe punishment – i.e. hell. Anselm thought this would help people not sin.

      However, God’s justice is based on forgiveness and restoration. This is really hard to grasp if we have a punitive justice mind set. Grace and mercy do not fit our punitive justice paradigm, so we put lots of qualifiers on God’s gracious, merciful, and generous qualities.

      Do you know that the word ‘just,’ used about five times in the New Testament, means “correct, righteous, by implication – innocent”? The words – justifies justification, righteousness are all rooted in the same Greek word.

      The prime example of God’s kind of ‘just’ and demonstrating His kind of justification – Jesus, “who was delivered up because of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification.” (Rom 4:25) That is seemingly incredulous to realize that Jesus would not have been raised from the dead if we (mankind) had not been first justified, called righteous, and reconciled to God!

      Another jaw dropper is Rom 5:18 – through one man’s offense came condemnation to ALL, even through one Man’s righteous act to ALL justification (acquittal, justifying) of life (physical and spiritual).

      I believe your comment that my “blog and opinion fall flat” because I “lack balance”, is based on the thought that I am not including the traditional religious Christian’s negative aspects of God regarding judgment and hell. I used to believe some of those negative aspects also. But, in His timing, as I began to hear and see the fullness of the Gospel, and upon searching the scriptures to see if it is so, did I begin to discover that God is magnanimous in His love for the world and that He did all that was needed to restore and reconcile humanity. Obviously humanity has yet to catch up with this incredible truth. Given He is long-suffering and His love never fails, then I am sure He is not perplexed by this.

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