Robin Williams God’s Joy and God’s Care Even In Suicide

Robin Williams’ untimely death

Many around the world are mourning the tragic death of Robin Williams on August 11th.

The laughter he brought through his spontaneous creative antics, impersonations, and scenarios will be remembered and treasured by multitudes.

Actually the treasure of Robin will continue through the movies he was part of and his past public platforms. I am thankful. But there is even more to be thankful about concerning Robin.

Robin’s life and death shows us God

Let’s get it on the table – suicide does not mean hell awaits!

Despite Robin William’s depression, confusion, pain, and ultimately his death, God was so present in this man’s life.

Ah, some might say – “How could God have been present if Robin killed himself?”

Sadly, some religious folk believe if you commit suicide you go to hell. Boy, are those people clueless on God’s love and care, let alone the fullness of Christ’s work on the cross and understanding man’s true identity.

God was close to Robin

Let’s look at a few passages and highlight some of their Hebrew words. They will show God’s nearness to Robin Williams and anyone struggling with depression or think suicide is the answer to all their pain.

“He is near the broken-hearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Ps 34:18)

near – close, draws near, kinsman
broken-hearted – break in pieces, collapsed, injured, shattered
saves – rescues, delivers
crushed – crushed (lit. powder, or fig. contrite); contrite means
regretful, remorseful, ashamed, stricken

“A bruised reed He will not break and a smoking wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice.” (Is 42:3)

bruised – to crush, oppressed, struggle, broke
(will not) break – break in pieces, collapse, injure, shatter
smoking – dim, dull, faint, fainting
(will not) extinguish – to be quenched, to go out

Please ponder these passages to grasp the absolute nearness and tenderness of God to those who are crushed like powder, shattered, devastated, hopeless, fainting, collapsed, despairing of life itself.

He will bring forth justice for those deeply hurting and confused. In fact, His justice of righteousness for all was eternally proclaimed through the cross.

Never ever forsaken but Religion says otherwise

God also said, “I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake nor let [you] down, [relax My hold on you]. – Assuredly not! (Heb 13:5 AMP  – please note the Greek tense in this verse is emphatic and stated in a tone of intense conviction!)

But religious Christianity says God is distant and separate because of your sin – so much for ‘never ever forsaken’.

Religious Christian tradition teaches you have to do some things to bridge that gap. They say God’s love is limited until you say yes to Jesus and repent of all your sins.

The truth is there NEVER has been a gap, a gulf, or a chasm! The only gap, gulf, or chasm are lies we have believed about ‘a distant God who loves conditionally’.

The real truth – Robin and everyone else is loved with an everlasting love and drawn with lovingkindness. (Jer 32:3) Even if someone does not believe (or never heard) those words it does not negate the truth of them. Nor does it negate the ability of God to awaken anyone and everyone to the truth of those words.

Momentary suffering

I am reminded of Paul’s powerful words – “For I consider the suffering of this present time not worthy to be compared to the glories which shall be revealed in us.” (Rom 8:18)

This means glory was in Robin – treasure in an earthen vessel! He didn’t know it, because he didn’t know his true identity. But depression, confusion, difficult circumstances, suicide, or any form of death cannot keep our true identity from exploding within and upon us. God knows how and when to make that happen.

Robin’s suffering (worldly cares induced or lies) was actually momentary compared to the internal glories he now knows. Robin is so free to be all he was made to be.

Robin, God, and Laughter

On to a lighter note.

We are all made to reflect our Creator in one way or another, because we are made in His image and likeness. Particularly of course, in loving and being loved.  Other facets of our Maker are shown in our creativity, expressing of thoughts, feeling compassion, and laughter.

Do you realize human beings are the only beings in creation that experience laughter?

God is full of joy! He’s a happy God! God loves laughter and joking! (Ps 16:11  Ps 43:4  Is 51:3,11   Pr 8:30,31)

Someone once said, “The shortest distance between two people is a laugh.”

I wonder how many times Robin Williams closed the distance? Hmm, how many times did God use Robin to close the distance?

Thank you God, for making Robin.

The last laughRobin_Williams-Esquire

Even though there was no one who could make Robin laugh his way out of his depression, God was there holding him through his confusion and pain.

Some might credit Satan or demons in winning in Robin’s suicide. That kind of mindset does not understand God’s love – Love who is near to the broken and crushed. Love who won us before time began. (2Tim 1:9,10)

I have a feeling, in the bigger picture, God and Robin had the last laugh and are still laughing. Rejoicing in joy inexpressible and full of glory! (1Pet 1:8)

 Dig In

  • Nothing is hopeless. Remember – now abide faith, hope, and love. (1Cor 13:13) These three abide – that means all of these remain, they are not going anywhere. They are for everyone. Wake us all up God – there is so much you have for us – right inside of us!
  • Look for opportunities to laugh. Enjoy this God-given ‘pick me up’. Knee-slappin’ laughter does a body good.
  • Life can be tough and rough. But in the midst of the tough and rough, God wants to manifest incredible fullness to see us through them. (Rom 15:13) May you abound in fullness – it is your lot!

3 responses to “Robin Williams God’s Joy and God’s Care Even In Suicide

  1. Thank you, Nancy – another post strong and true in portraying our Father as love personified. After about 50 years of being taught that He sends most of His creation to eternal conscious torment, I have been surprised and thrilled to learn about Christian Universalism. Jesus died to save all, He leaves the 99 to save the lost one and He is not limited by the physical death of anyone.

    • Thanks David for your encouraging words.

      Many that are stuck in or only know religious tradition would find your phrase, “Christian Universalism”, offensive. 😉

      Let me clarify. In my process of seeing the pure Gospel of His unconditional love for humanity and then expressing it, I have been accused by a few people of being a ‘Universalist’. It is intriguing that some see “Universalism” as almost a dirty word. It seems when some hear that God loves everyone and He saved everyone – then they jump to a conclusion of Universalism and think the work of the cross is being negated. Far from it! The universal love of God for the world is exemplified magnanimously and only in the finished work.

      It takes a while to detox from religion in order to grasp the eternal unconditional love of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. As you and I both know, it is a progressive learning curve to begin to see that the Godhead’s mysterious wondrous plan of reconciliation and restoration is much bigger than we’ve been taught! And since He made everyone, He knows how to reveal His unconditional love to them. It really isn’t up to us to go to the ends of the world to save everyone. Sadly, some believe if we don’t go then those who don’t hear are going to go to hell. How that kind of thinking limits God and His love!

      Of course, however and whenever God reveals to them the truth of His love for them and their true identity, they can refuse. Wow, what a miserable way to exist – rejecting all encompassing love and acceptance! Yee gads, how does one continue to reject perfect love for eternity?!

      Indeed David, anyone’s physical death does not limit Him. Death cannot cannot contain Him, death cannot restrict Him, death cannot deny Him. Love defeated death. What a paradox to embrace – life comes through death. Hey, perhaps we need more revelation of the ‘beauty’ hidden in death!

  2. You are correct that many freak out at the CU label. For me, it is a way of saying that I can no longer believe that any person would suffer eternal conscious torment. Someone made the connection in the parable of the lost son – that when the celebration was going on and the elder son refused to go in, the Father went out to him in order to convince him to enter in. The elder son, in those moments, was in a place of “outer darkness”. Yet, the Father went to him and showed him why he belonged in the celebration.

    If the people who say they believe the prevailing modern theology really did believe – how could they take even a moment to enjoy a walk, or a great meal, or a sports event when people they know and love are on the precipice of eternal torture. Such theology may be a lot of things, but it certainly is not good news.

    Since He is perfect love, and perfect love never fails, we know that the truth of every knee bowing and all confessing Jesus as Lord quite clearly teaches that the celebration is for all of His children.

    Blessings to you in abundance.

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