2 responses to “We Shall All Stand Before The Judgment Seat The Bema Seat of God! What Does It Really Mean?

  1. Ah!! Thank you so much!
    Even before I watched this video, I’ve said to myself ‘God wants to save us all, he can…so he will!’
    God’s love is beyond human stubbornness and our limited understanding. He thoughts, quite litter ally, are above our own! And so God will devise, and has, the most perfect and awesome plan to yield the best results– a plan that will save us all, and leave no one behind!

    Some say that people choose to go to hell by not believing in him…I used to think the same. However, when you truly come into contact and feel his amazing love, you cannot help but to believe! He is the source of beauty and life and goodness–the most wonderful being in this universe–his very nature has the ability to draw us unto himself–when we truly and purely feel and encounter his amazing, transforming love(In the end, even Hitler himself will be changed by God’s love). This is what I believe deep in my heart–if a person ‘chooses’ to reject Him, they haven’t been truly exposed to His true nature and the goodness that He is!

    All glory will truly go to Him, and knowing that He will not let anyone go to hell(or that hell apparently doesnt even exist…) has allowed me to truly praise Him from the depths of my soul–words just cant explain how I feel right now…Praise Him!!

    Eternity is gonna be one awesome after party…everybody who ever lived will be there…and the fun will just begin! I’m soooo excited!
    I could go on for hours, but I will stop here lol

    I wish we’d all wake up to this beautiful truth, and I feel blessed to have found this at the age of 16(I am 17 now) I want to share this with the world! The true Good News for ALL men!!

    Its awesome! Bless you ❤

    • How wonderful you are grasping this “I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness…” (Jer 31:3) at such a precious young age! I’m so thankful I am getting it in my 60’s! Religion had done a number on me. But God is intentional with His love and He knows each heart and how to awaken it to love. SS 2:7,3:5,8:4

      Since He cannot stop loving anyone, otherwise He would have to deny the essence of His being/personhood/character, then for someone to continue to resist such love would be a miserable hell in itself. It is hard to imagine anyone would forever resist unconditional love and unconditional acceptance, besides being told they are adored by God Himself.

      Guess the ones who would resist are the self-righteous and those who live by the law. Only grace fills His kingdom. A good reason why Moses could not enter the promise land – he was symbolic of the law. Yet, just think Moses appeared with Elijah on the mountain top at Jesus’ transfiguration. Yay! God wants people made in His image, not things, performance, rules, ranks, titles, positions, degrees, abilities, talents, looks.

      He is worth shouting about! How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of Him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says “Your God reigns!” (Is 52:7) May the Lord send you to many other young ones who need to hear how special they are and how much God is crazy in love with them.

      Bliss ❤

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