Why Did The Foolish Virgins Have To Buy Their Own Oil? Did The Foolish Virgins Go To Hell?

Why did the five wise virgins tell the five foolish virgins to go buy oil?

Those wise ones were loaded with oil. They should have shared, right?

Actually, they did one better. Far from being selfish, the five wise virgins were passing on wisdom and understanding they had ‘bought’.

Was it really oil the five wise ones bought? Or is Jesus trying to tell us something deeper about His kingdom in this parable? You bet. Figure deep and good.

Rejoice, this parable is not about judgment, who’s in, who’s out, you’d better be ready or else.

Check out the video for the REAL meaning of ‘get your own oil’ and ‘I don’t know you’. Be surprised and delighted.


Dig In

  • If your filter or mindset is connected to Old Testament judgments and requirements, then you will not see the Good News found in the Ten Virgins parable, or any of the Parables. Get free from that mixture of legalism and grace. Otherwise, you are limited to a little lamp and no jug.
  • Make the exchange – buy without cost. He has abundance for all. His provision of excess makes you ready for every challenge and seeming delay.
  • The Kingdom of God has to do with ‘knowing’. Knowing your true identity. The five wise virgins is a picture of those who ‘knew’ and knew how to direct the five foolish ones to know too. Do you know? Do you really ‘see’? He sure wants you to.

P.S.  Jesus wants you to know what He knows about the real you, and that He knows that you know, and that you know that He knows. ‘Buy’ without cost. Enter into certainty and fullness.


2 responses to “Why Did The Foolish Virgins Have To Buy Their Own Oil? Did The Foolish Virgins Go To Hell?

  1. Interesting, I heard a sermon in which a pastor was saying something along the lines that the oil in the lamp was the holy spirit, so those virgins were “saved” and the other virgins were basically outta luck…then he started to talk about the end times and how our lamps must be full of oil if we wish to be taken in the rapture…you know, the basic message lol

    I was wondering if you could do a post on the rapture/tribulation if you have the time? Just the clear the air on that, because the book of revelations is a horrifying book…
    Also, I was wondering if you ever plan on doing a post explaining on what hell and heaven are exactly? I’ve been reading that Jesus never even preached on a place called hell, and for about 500 years or so Christians believed that Christ came to truly reconcile all things unto him..basically they weren’t worried that the majority of humanity was going to be cast into a place called “hell” as we are worried about that today. So that got me thinking…if there is no “hell” as we know it, what the heck is Heaven then? Hmmmm…

    • More good questions! For sure I’m no authority on all these topics, but am sure learning the ‘God is Love’ must be the filter, the lens through we which process all all questions, doubts, and confusion. I have also learned more about the negative influence of religion that keeps us from really know this Love.

      If any teaching we hear or believe puts the onus on us – makes us feel there are things we have to do to please Him or get ready for whatever, then we are living in legalism and works. The sermon you reference of making sure you are full of oil in order to be taken at the ‘Rapture’ is a good example of the burden put on believers. Jesus said His burden was light and easy!

      Religion is so good at separating the good peopele from the bad people, besides determining what is good and bad. Actually that shows how much religion eats from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Somehow they didn’t get the memo that God so loved the whole wide world, came to reconcile the whole wide world, and is impartial to no one. Religion does not get grace!

      The rapture is a great example of a man made doctrine/theory. When man comes up with a doctrine it comes with works, guilt, and fear. Good measuring rods to determine faulty teaching.

      You are right, the Jewish people/culture did not believe in a hell, had no context for it. But western Christianity sure makes a big deal about hell. At some point I will share some eye opening things I’ve learned about hell. Amazing how good God is when one begins to detox from religion!

      Bliss 😀

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