Who Are The Ten Virgins? What Do The Ten Virgins Show About The Kingdom of God?

Have you ever considered how the traditional religious punitive retributive mindset about God will keep you from understanding the kingdom of God?

The parable of the Ten Virgins is one of many parables that Jesus used to mystify us rather than inform. The Kingdom is so full of goodness for all that most were blind to that fact. Hence their conclusions (and ours) on this parable meaning would focus on judgment, punishment, and hell.

Ah, but there is good news in the parable of the Ten Virgins!

Check out the video and be surprised at what these virgins show us about the fullness of the Kingdom of God:


Dig In

  • Do you have your walk figured out, kind of like the five ‘foolish’ virgins? You have enough. Or do you think God only has a little bit for you? Or are you open to getting so full of Truth that you would be like one of the five ‘wise’ virgins lugging around a jug of oil?
  • Do you think God has delayed, is delaying, or will delay in things you are waiting for? God doesn’t delay. “Behold the Bridegroom!” HE IS HERE NOW! Fill up your jug!
  • Has your religious teaching put a hard edge on the parables and programmed you to see the negative? Do know you really can grasp the fullness of grace that is hidden within them. Repent! 🙂 In other words change your mindset and enter into the inclusiveness, joy, and fullness of the kingdom, of which the parables point.

2 responses to “Who Are The Ten Virgins? What Do The Ten Virgins Show About The Kingdom of God?

  1. Heya! Im gonna watch your video a little later, but I have a question…

    Is there going to be an actual end times situation in the future? Like with the anti-christ, rapture(or not), tribulation and what not? Its kinda(or very) horrifying to think about…

    Or are those theories just a by-product of poor translation? Thanks ❤

    • Big question! Great question! Too big a topic to cover in a comment, but I will share a ‘bit’ that might clarify or give guidance in discerning such teachings.

      These apocalyptic type theories are man-made. A good indicator to know it does not come from the heart of God is if it is fear-inducing, divisive (setting up separate camps), retributive, and judgmental.

      The early church knew Jesus was coming back, as He told them just that. But they had no teaching or belief of something preceding that – i.e. the “rapture”. The word “rapture” is not found anywhere in scripture. Actually, this teaching was started by John Darby in 1830. Then Cyrus Scofield (a student of Darby) used extensive notes in his 1907 study Bible to enhance this ‘rapture’ theory. Being ‘in print’ gave it a form of legitimacy. Hence, popularity of the ‘rapture’ teaching ensued. Other’s (e.g. Hal Lindsay, Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson) picked up the ‘rapture’ tradition banner and propagated it to the masses.

      Result? Many who have been taught this live in fear and confusion. Another result? Some maintain a position of superiority because they think their particular stance is right on – and they have charts, timelines, data, etc. to prove it. Of course some of those predicted time lines have not come to pass. Yee gads, how is God in any of that?

      As the pure gospel becomes clearer in all its fullness (something the Holy Spirit is doing globally in our day) there will be more exposure of these man-made false interpretations. His grace upon grace (Jn 1:16) and His unfailing love (1Cor 13:7,8) – summed up in Jesus Christ – is our measuring stick against any religious traditional teaching that presents God as retributive, distant, demanding, exacting.

      If you consider the examples you gave – rapture, anti-christ, tribulation teachings – what is a major consequence of these theories? Fear. This flies in the face of His love.

      “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” (1Jn 4:18)
      Looks to me like those who come up with teachings that cause fear in the hearers, are ones who have not known His love. And those who cling to these teachings that stir up fear in them, have not known His love either. Fear feeds fear.

      Consider how many times Jesus or angelic beings said, “Fear not.” He/they were trying to tell us something about God!

      As each of us grow in revelation of God’s love, then we will love ourselves more, and in turn be able to love our neighbors. Love is the essence of life. This is why we are here, this is why Jesus came, this is who God is. Fullness is in this. Cast off those man-made teachings that steal from or confuse His eternal truth of love! Eph 3:19

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