Must Keep Commandments To Abide In The Vine! Really? So What Is The Point Of Abiding?

After a couple of unexpected movie reviews, now I want to get back to Abiding in the Vine.

Have you ever wondered – what is the BIG point about abiding in the vine? If we have a religious mindset then our understanding of ‘abiding’ will probably be one of fear of not abiding, because then we will be burned up.

Oh how religious Christianity messes up the truth!

Jesus’ big point about abiding in the vine is all about our benefit and fullness.

Check out the video to discover the real point about abiding!

Download the free PDF – Must Keep His Commandments to Abide in the Vine! Really? So What is the Big Point About Abiding? – to get a summary of the key points of true abiding.

April 30th – Ooops! I just discovered the edit I had to do at the end of the video because of a phone call was still left in the video! lol! Oh well! C’est la vie!

Dig In

  • If something requires lots of effort, performance, striving – then just know religion is telling you what to do – not God!
  • Jesus has only one commandment for us and it is not burdensome. It is possible to experience the “end result or objective” of His commandment because He provides all that is necessary for it to happen!
  • Have you ever thought about joy and love going hand in hand when it comes to God?

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