Abide In Him, His Words Abide In You, Ask Anything, It Will Be Done! Is That A Formula? You Can Really Ask Anything?!

Have you ever asked God for something and expected Him to answer the way you asked?

Have you ever asked God for something and He didn’t grant your request?

Have you ever asked God for something and He gave you an answer you didn’t want? At least you thought that was HIS answer?

Have you ever thought you were doing all the things you thought you were supposed to do in order to get your prayers answered? Ever been disappointed with that kind of thinking? Do you know that is religious thinking?

It sure looks like Jesus gave us a formula to get our prayers answered. But is that what He was really trying to tell us in John 15:7,8?

Check out the video to learn more –

and/or download the free PDF supplement Abide in Him, His Words Abide In You, Ask Anything, It Will Be Done? Is That A Formula? You Can Really Ask Anything?

Dig In

  • If you are caught up in formulas, steps, check lists – in order to do it right or please God, please grasp these are not life giving and are not ‘have to’s’.
  • God is really into abiding. He does not want to be #1 in our lives. He wants to be ONE with us. Let Him show you what abiding really is and that you are already ONE with Him without doing anything!
  • As you rest in His kind of abiding you will find your desires/requests/prayers moving to a whole new place full of life, freedom, certainty, and trust.

6 responses to “Abide In Him, His Words Abide In You, Ask Anything, It Will Be Done! Is That A Formula? You Can Really Ask Anything?!

  1. “God is really into abiding. He does not want to be #1 in our lives. He wants to be ONE with us.” Amen. Well said! These are great insights on John 15, Nancy. Thanks for sharing them and putting “abiding” in its right perspective. A real blessing.

    • Thanks Mel! This abiding, oneness, union is a BIG deal! As we get it our whole perspective shifts into fullness. What a loving Father we have – He loves hanging out with ALL His children! Oh to abide and stay!

  2. Aaw, I like how you explained that Jesus loves and likes us so much, he wanted to be like us and show us how awesome we can be! Made me feel really good inside…all warm n fuzzy lol

    • I am thrilled the truth of His eternal love and enjoyment of us is resonating within you! Oh that many more would get that liberating truth! Religion has made Jesus an example, a moral example to follow. But Jesus cannot even be an example to follow until we see that He is an example OF us! Then what actually happens is we just ‘mirror’ Him. Yikes! Keep being wowed by how much He is wowed by you 🙂

  3. I got a random question here, lol, but um…how can we know when God has answered a prayer or not?

    I’ve been praying about this one thing in my life, and I just wanna know if it’s possible to miss an answer that He has given us?

    I kinda wanna know, cus I dont wanna screw up my life by somehow missing his answer on this one thing.

    • This is a great question. You have nailed a dilemma that many Christians face in their lives!

      Ah, but God never intended us to be in this dilemma!

      The basis for this kind of I-must-make-sure-I-hear-God-clearly-and-get-His-answer’ thinking stems from a misguided religious mindset. When caught up in religious tradition we are told we must find out, we must press in, we must strive to find God’s will for our lives or some certain situation. If we don’t find out His will then we will be in trouble – with Him or whoever.

      It makes ‘knowing His will’ into a work, a fearful work at that.

      It’s almost like His will becomes an idol! This idolized “will” controls us, puts us in fear, makes us anxious, confused, doubtful, and striving.
      Having to know His will becomes our focus and not Him. It twists our relationship with Him and steals from the enjoyment we are to have in that relationship and doing life.

      I used to pray so hard about situations, needs, desires. Of course fasting was part of some of those heavy prayers. No way did I want to miss His will or hear His answer! In fact, I thought if I didn’t hear correctly as to His answer (or direction) then I would miss the ‘perfect’ – resulting in disobedience, disappointing Him, or a big fat mess. Wow, religion did a number on me!

      Oh the joy of coming into revelation how He cares about what we care about and so enjoys our personal interests and unique creative bents to life. One of the keys to fullness in regards to His will and knowing we heard the answer to a prayer is to realize – He will be with us and in us in every facet of our lives. He is not so interested that we get His ‘right answer’ as much as He wants us to know He is with us and for us.
      If God wanted us to know something in regards to Him giving us a particular answer to a prayer, then He is well able to make that clearly known – if He thought that was necessary.

      Beyond that is His overarching will of us maturing in Jesus and enjoying life. His eternal will is having us grow up in His Son’s beautiful characteristic that abide in us and are waiting to blossom through doing life and learning life in its fullness. In fact that is a good guide to knowing ‘His will’ – does my decision cause me to mature in Christ, does it give more opportunity to grow in love towards others (even towards myself), does it bring joy to me or others, is it encouraging to me or others, will it ultimately bring fullness in some facet of life?

      May you put aside your fears of ‘screwing up your life’ because you might have missed His answer, and just rest in your relationship with Him. He might nudge you in a certain direction – you’ll just sense it is ‘right’. Or He will envelope you with peace, even excitement – and as you step out. Do know you can be totally certain He is with you and delighting in you as you ‘step out’.

      Don’t let the religious mindset ‘you need to know His will to make sure you don’t mess up’ keep you from the abundance of life for which He made you!

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