Does God Really Throw Out Branches and Burn Them Up In Hell?

Has religion taught you that some branches, if they do not abide in the Vine, will be thrown out and burned up? Have you been taught or did your conclude that means they go to hell?

Jesus during His discourse on the Vine, the Vinedresser, and the branches, explained in John 15:6, that anyone who does not abide in Him, is cast out, withers, gathered up, thrown into the fire, and are burned.

Sure sounds serious in terms of someone’s certainty and comfort in a relationship with God, and possibly eternal security. At least that is what religious Christianity would probably say.

What I discovered in this verse would certainly contradict the traditional religious ‘you’d better watch out because He could throw you out’ understanding.

For a non-religious take, check out this video

and/or download PDF for details Does God Throw Away Branches and Burn Them Up In Hell

Dig In
Are you steeped in religious teaching that presents a God who has to pour out His wrath on someone? This kind of teaching comes from a centuries old punitive justice mindset. Not so in God’s thinking – His is restorative justice and includes mercy for all. (Rom 11:32)
• Many may say “God is good, and all the time God is good.”, but then contradict themselves with beliefs that some are just going to be burned up (tortured) in hell. How can one ever draw close to a God that may ‘get you’ if you don’t do certain things? No certainty in that.
• The bigger picture of Jesus’ illustration about the Vine and the Vinedresser is about a position of intimacy and union. But just one little verse, that SEEMS to be negative, will cause most to fixate on it and assume the worse. How easily and quickly we can forget that God is for us! Sadly, it is also easy to believe He is not for certain people that we (or legalistic religiosity) deem unacceptable. But if we knew the truth, that sets us free, we would not fall for this twisted judging.


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