What Are You Good At That Does Not Bring Fullness?

There are some things we can be pretty good at, but they steal from us His fullness of life. For goodness sake then, why do we want to be ‘good at’ those?!

Let’s see. Are you good at:

  • worrying
  • being fearful
  • being discouraged
  • striving
  • being angry
  • holding onto offenses
  • finding fault
  • doubting
  • being hopeless
  • man pleasing
  • being smart and figuring everything out
  • being busy
  • doing it right and being right

A couple of those don’t seem all that bad. But none of those are life giving.

Okay, how can we  be good at what is life giving?

Actually there is a place, a quiet place of refreshing and abundance. This place (actually a Person AKA Jesus) will help you get free from all those life depleting things you are ‘good at’.

This place is free, accessible, available, eternal. Certainty is there. 

All you have to do is push the ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ button of your lifeand sink into this place of green pastures. Anytime, anywhere. The Shepherd of your soul welcomes you. And as you ‘lie down’, deep will call unto deep.

This wonderful blessing is a spirit thing. You don’t earn it, deserve it, contend for it, buy it.  Plus, it has nothing to do with who you are in the religious hierarchical kingdom. So don’t sweat it! He freely gives His refreshing presence and He wants all of us refreshed.

May I suggest you do the following before viewing:

  • settle into a chair or stand still
  • take a deep breath, let it out
  • be open to receive

then hit ‘Play’. In 59 seconds you will be renewed.

Dig In

  • Let Him refresh you daily – “You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to Your word You let me catch my breath…”  (Ps 23:2,3 MES)
  • Ponder this: “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10 NKJ)  The word ‘still’ in Hebrew is rapha (raw fah’) – it means ‘sink, relax, cease, let go’.
  • Ask Him to wash off those things you are ‘good at’ that steal from the fullness that is freely yours. Hey, those depleting things are not your true identity!

The video, “Green Pastures Make For Deep Waters” is from my painting of the same name. It can be found on my art my web site.  


2 responses to “What Are You Good At That Does Not Bring Fullness?

  1. This is my favorite!!!! hmmmmm, well for today! 


    • Thanks Jennifer! I know it touched me today too – which was after taking the deep breath and letting it out. 😉

      I’m sure I will revisit those green pastures often.

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