Are You Certain About God’s Forgiveness

I am realizing there is a lack of revelation of God’s forgiveness. This misunderstanding sure contributes to a rampant Christian identity crisis and a twisted view of who God really is. In fact, our confusion about our own forgiveness affects how we view others. I sure had no idea of the magnitude of His forgiveness.  But by golly I am starting to see the enormity and simplicity of the Good News! I have been searching the scriptures to see if this is so, and sure enough this ‘too good to be true’ Gospel is so!

Let’s jump into this area of God’s forgiveness – you just might be surprised, challenged, stretched, even resistant or offended.

The majority of Christians would say that God forgives us of our sins, but they believe it is an ongoing forgiveness. After all, we traditionally think of ourselves as just “sinners saved by grace”, so we expect to sin, Just A Sinner Save By Graceand hence we will keep asking God for forgiveness. That would have been my understanding for decades in my Christian walk, and that is what I did – kept asking forgiveness when I sinned, and feeling so disappointed, guilty, and ashamed when I blew it. “Oh God, I’m so sorry, please have mercy on me!”, would be the cry of my heart. “Lord, I will try harder next time. I really love You, I want to please You, I want to be more like Jesus, I want to worship You more, I want to serve You, I want to help advance Your kingdom, I want to love You more…” – on and on it went. Gosh, just writing out those ‘want tos’ wore me out! Hey, anyone else out there with that litany of apologies with a do it better next time religious pattern?

The Christian religious system teaches – we have to acknowledge we are sinners, repent of our sins, ask God to forgive us of our sins, ask Jesus to be our Savior, and then we will be saved. But after that we will still have to ask Him for forgiveness when we sin. Hmmm, does this mean He didn’t have enough power to totally forgive us and cleanse us? Could this suggest Jesus was kind of an impotent Savior?!

By continuing to see ourselves as sinners who must continue to ask for mercy and forgiveness, then it appears this is how He will finish the good work He started. He really needs our help? (Phil 1:6  1Thes 5:24)

Does He need our will power to help make us more holy – our will power to pray more, worship more, study the Bible, save the lost, give more? Then when our will power fails, we need to once again ask forgiveness? Consequently, we are plagued with disappointment with ourselves and believing we have also disappointed God. Good news, huh?

Religious tradition also teaches we have to chose Him to be our Savior. We have to want to be forgiven and ask to be forgiven. If we don’t, then we go to hell. Gulp. So our salvation is up to us!? Hey, doesn’t God seem mean with that kind of teaching? But, Jesus said, “I chose you, you didn’t choose me…” – where does that fit in?

Wow, lots of work to do if you want to be a Christian – hey, kind of like a lot of other religions!  Could the Gospel possibly be better than the traditional Christian religious system has been telling us? I shout, “Yes! It’s incredible GOOD NEWS and most of us have never heard it!” I sure hadn’t.

Have you ever heard of or seen these scriptures (below) that speak to how much God forgave us? If you are familiar with them, do you apply them only to believers and perhaps to those who decide to believe? Do you realize these words are for ALL mankind?  Please give these passages serious consideration, look beyond tradition, and let Holy Spirit speak to you.  (Note – all emphasis with capital letters are mine)

  • When you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us ALL our transgressions.  Col 2:13
  • But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together in Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  Eph 2:4-6
  • “For I will be merciful to their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more.”  Heb 8:12
  • “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.” Now where there is forgiveness of these things, there is no longer any offering for sin.  Heb 10:17,18
  • Little children, your sins have been forgiven you for His name’s sake.  1Jn 2:12
  • You know that He appeared in order to take away sins, and in Him there is no sin.  1Jn 3:5
  • For the love of Christ compels us, having concluded this, that one died for ALL, therefore ALL died; and He died for ALL, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him…  2Cor 5:14,15
  • God was in Christ reconciling the WORLD to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them…  2Cor 5:19
  • He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him  2Cor 5:21 (note: ‘might’ is not in original text. ‘become’ is Greek ginomai – to come into being, to birth)
  • You were in Christ when He died which means that His death represents your true circumcision. Sin’s authority in the human body was stripped off you in Him dying your death. Col 2:11 (MIR)
  • John the Baptist proclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God who TAKES AWAY the sin of the world!”  Jn 1:29
  • Jesus Christ…the firstborn from the dead. To Him who loves us and released us from our sins by His blood…  Rev 1:5

Sure looks like He took away ALL sin for ALL people (past, present, future).  Gasp! Is that possible?! This has huge ramifications on how we see God and how we see ourselves, let alone others. May He give you ears to hear and eyes to see truth that will indeed set you free!

Dig In

  • When God made man in His image He said it is very good – and He has never changed His mind!
  • We have believed a lie about what really happened at the cross and in turn we believe a lie about our true identity.
  • Here’s the kicker. Romans 4:25 – He was delivered over because of our transgressions, and was raised because of our justification (our righteousness, our innocence). His resurrection reveals and confirms our righteousness, our innocence, our justification! If we were still guilty and sinners after Jesus died, then His resurrection would not have happened! Oh my goodness! How big is this fullness in Jesus?!

10 responses to “Are You Certain About God’s Forgiveness

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  2. Ok, so I have always thought that when you get saved, in that very moment your sins are forgiven. But are you saying that even before one gets saved and asks for forgiveness, theyve already been forgiven? All they have to do is acknowledge that? That I was forgiven 2000 years ago, and the only thing keeping a person from God is not sin, but simple unbelief? If so, holy crap, thats deep!!

    • I just had to lol (laugh out loud) when I read your comment/question! 🙂 Loved it!

      I too was taught that once you are saved (i.e. ask Jesus to save you, wash away your sins, forgive you), then you are forgiven. That is what I now call the ‘fallen man gospel’ (religion’s version of grace).

      The New Covenant has a different gospel! When Jesus said “It is finished.” – He meant – all the Law was fulfilled (He was the only One who kept them all, He met the righteous requirements of the law Mt 5;17), He nailed all those laws that were against us to the cross (Col 2:14), He atoned for everyone’s sin (1Jn 2:2), He took away all sin (Jn 1:29, Heb. 9:26, Heb. 10:10,17), ), He reconciled us to God (hey, did you know that actually God was even reconciling us to God in Jesus on the cross! 2Cor 5:19). The Father, Himself, hated the separation and distance that man’s twisted thinking and religion’s teachings perpetuated.

      Paul makes it very clear who we are/were before time even began. This verse was an eye opener for me. 1Tim 1:9,10 – “who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus BEFORE TIME BEGAN [emphasis mine], but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” Ephesians 1:4 also speaks to our eternal holiness, found only in Jesus Christ.

      Do you see that?! We were innocent, blameless before time began, before the foundation of the world! Remember the lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world. It is like, He found us in Christ before He ‘lost’ us in Adam. God made us in His image and He doesn’t make junk to reflect Him. When He looks at us He sees our true identity – beautiful, stunning, adorable – a mirror image of Him. His favorite place to live is in us. Everyone just needs to wake up to that glorious truth. And it is up to Him to awaken each and every man.

      Here is another shocking verse that shows the fullness of the pure good news – “Jesus was delivered up because of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification”. (Rom 4:25) This is saying, Jesus would not have been raised if He did not take away all sin and make us righteous. The resurrection of Jesus is proof that ALL men have been justified, made righteous, restored to their original design. In fact Jesus came to show us our original design!- that is another topic 😉

      You are right on – all we have to do is acknowledge this eternal truth. This truth comes by revelation, by His persuasion/His faith moving upon our hearts. He awakens us to the fullness of truth of our true identity. We were made to reflect Him, not follow a bunch of laws and try to please Him. We were made to live His life, to see His character flow out of us, to respond to people and situations with His abundant life. We were made to rest in His profuse giving nature.

      You say it well – “holy crap, that’s deep!! His love is deep, actually bottomless! Sadly, religion has limited the depth of His love. But God’s love is bigger and more powerful than religious doctrine. He is making the pure gospel known. I am so thankful! Fullness of joy is a result. May you too be whacked with the joy of His truth about you.

      • I gotta say it again…holy crap, thats deep!! It makes me feel all warm on the inside to know that God thought of all of us before we were concieved in our mothers womb…we began in his heart!! What a wonderfuly awesomely awesome God He is! So if a person ends up in Hell, is it cus they refuse to accept this revelation? Its great news, I dont.know someone wouldnt believe…maybe cus it seems to good true?

      • Awesome – feeling all warm inside! That is Truth permeating you, that is His eternal love for your manifesting right here and now! You got it!

        As C.S. Lewis said “You can’t will yourself to heaven, but you can will yourself to hell/” Only Jesus made the way for us to live in fullness, but we sure can resist His unconditional love and acceptance. Hard to believe someone would do that. I guess if you only believed in works and proving your own goodness, then it would be hard to hear that it’s all free. Then to understand that Jesus fills all things, in fact He went to hell for us, enables us to realize that He is even in hell continuing to direct His fiery passionate love at those who just don’t want it.What miserable way to live in eternity!

        How does one continue to resist that kind of goodness!? You would think they would wear out or just finally “get it”! You know, it is called “His eternal grace”! Hmm

      • Woah…Jesus went to hell for us? Really? I had heard of that before, but didnt really believe it…would you mind explaining how, please?

      • Paul speaks of Jesus’ descent into hell – “”When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive…”, Now this “He ascended” means He also first descended into the lower parts of the earth. He who descended is also the One who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill ALL THINGS.” (emphasis mine) (Eph. 4:8-10)

        Jesus visited our ‘hell’ – He couldn’t stand to be without us and went where ever He needed to in order to demonstrate His unconditional love. Even David spoke of this – “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in hell, behold You are there…” Ps 139:7,8 Jesus descended and ascended to totally fill all things. Including hell itself! There is no where we can go that would separate from His love. Rom 8:38,39

        Peter even references Jesus’ presence in ‘hell’ through the power of the Spirit in regards to those lost in the Great Flood. “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, by whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison, who formerly were disobedient, when once the Divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah…” 1Pet 3:18-20 Most Christians would believe that in the days of Noah, no one was saved except the 8 who were on the Ark. This verse shows God’s great compassion for all, besides His longsuffering. He is in pursuit of all men, because all are made in His image!

        God put all (Greek ‘pas’ – each part of a totality, the whole, every kind) under Jesus’ authority. (Eph 1:22) Jesus is before all (Greek ‘pas’) things, and in Him all things consist (Greek hold together, cohere)…that in all (‘pas’) things He become (Greek ‘ginomai’ – complete, finish) the preeminance.

        Since Christ Jesus fills ALL things and is preeminent, hell is not preempt! Love is not limited by time, space, eternity, badness or (self)goodness, resistance, or refusal.

        In a way hell can remind us of Song of Solomon 8:6 – “For love is as strong as death. Jealousy as cruel as the grave. Its flames are flames of fire. A most vehement flame.” God’s jealousy is not about ownership or control. His jealousy is very protective and pursuing. Death or the grave cannot stop Him. His flames of love will never go out. Maybe that is why hell is ablaze!?

        Like I mentioned in my earlier reply, how miserable one would be in hell continuing to resist the One who will not let you go. Love never fails, love believes all things, love endures.

  3. Samuel Femi Oluwawunmi

    I so much love this TRUTH and the dialogue…..GLORY!!!!

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