How To Be Uncertain (As Christians)

Who doesn’t like being certain? It’s unsettling to be uncertain. Why would we ever want to live in uncertainty?! Living Uncertain

Do you know that many Christians live just as uncertain as the world?! We can have the one true living God living inside of us, and yet, be so uncertain. We don’t realize, or else we forget, three factors that build up uncertainty. They are flesh/self, worldliness, and Satan/demons. Our spirit man may be renewed but our flesh (that soulish realm of self, mind, will, and emotions) can be very strong and so influential. The Lord has made a way for it to be put to death (daily!) in order to live from our spirit. (Rom 8:12,13)

The good news – if we walk by the Spirit, we will not carry out the desire of the flesh. (Gal 5:16)  How do we walk by the Spirit?! That’s for another post.

Right now let’s look at ways that help us be ‘uncertain’. Why would we do that?! Maybe by seeing what they are, it will help us acknowledge and confront those obstacles, instead of continually succumbing to them. They can only be dealt with by the power of His Spirit. Jesus has made a way to set us free from these things! So be of good cheer!

How to live in uncertainty or How to not live in peace, joy, and rest

(these are in no specific order)

  • Be fearful
  • Fear men’s opinions
  • Be a man pleaser
  • Let your emotions rule you
  • Rely on and value your intellect to figure things out
  • Trust in riches and/or things
  • Lean on your own abilities
  • Elevate people because of their position, abilities, looks
  • Be ungrateful
  • Live by sight and not by faith
  • Be impressed with strength, wisdom, and riches – in yourself or others
  • Be self-centered
  • Worry, be anxious
  • Be ruled by guilt and regret
  • Murmur and complain
  • Be critical and judgmental
  • Work hard to do good things and not do bad things
  • Strive to please God
  • Live in legalism and follow rules
  • Fear the future
  • Try to be in control
  • Be manipulative
  • Use flattery
  • Lie, tell half truths
  • Have hidden agendas and ulterior motives
  • Don’t be transparent and vulnerable – keep your ‘stuff’ to yourself, keep it hidden
  • Be angry
  • Don’t forgive
  • Be a hypocrite, put on pretenses, be superficial

Now, don’t these things just make you want to celebrate?! NOT! Maybe despair Uncertaintyis a better word? But there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. We are called and enabled to be overcomers and victorious!

Let’s call things for what they are. Bring these things into the light. Transformation happens. The word says, things become visible when they are exposed by the light, and everything that becomes visible is light. (Eph 5:13) His grace and love will enable us to expose these kinds of ‘yuk’, because He wants us whole in every part of our being – body, soul, and spirit. Now that is good news!

Dig Deep

  • He wants to strengthen, with might, our inner man. For we are called to live out of our spirit, not out of our soulish realm.  (Eph 3:16  Gal 5:25, 6:8)
  • Even though we are in this world, those in Him, are not of this world! That truth puts us in a whole new place of certainty! ( Jn 17:15,16)
  • Be certain that uncertainty does not have to rule your life!

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