Lord of the Sabbath Why Is That Important

Jesus said, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” (Mt 12:8) Why is that important to remember? What does that mean?Sabbath Jesus is Lord of It

Those who are influenced or bound by religious tradition would say something like, “It means Sunday is the Lord’s Day. It is His special day. So when we go to church on Sunday (or Saturday) we are remembering and showing that it is His day, thus making Him Lord of it.”

But beyond tradition there is so much more meaning and fullness!

Jesus is LORD of the Sabbath – that means He is master of it, He is above it, He takes precedence over it, He is in charge of it. He is the most informed about Sabbath. He has authority over it.

Then, given that Sabbath basically means ‘rest’, it also means Jesus is Lord of rest. Such a comforting thought. Wow, what a Person to be in charge of our rest!

How often does the Master of it want us to rest? Religious legalists, those still living under the law, would say for sure on Sunday. But would not every day be ‘the Lord’s day’? Would He not be Lord over every day? Surely He has rest for us seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. He is not niggardly with His rest. He never created us to be in a tizzy, overworked, or wrought with fear, worry, or guilt. He longs for us to enter into His rest every day – that is His kind of Sabbath.

Now take a guess who hates rest? Satan and demons hate it when we rest in the Lord and trust Him. Don’t let the enemy steal rest from you on any day, at any moment. That is why scripture says ‘remember’ (Hebrew meaning – consider, take thought, call to mind, celebrate, confess, well remember). It’s easy to forget, in the midst of doing life, that Jesus is Lord of rest and He has it for us 24/7. So remember and appropriate. Rest – a great form of spiritual warfare against the enemy!

But there’s more. Jesus is our rest. He is Rest! He personifies rest. David had  revelation and experience of this facet of Jesus when he spoke of Rest Only In Jesusbeing led by still waters and laying down in green pastures. (Ps 23:2) David understood the Lord was his Shepherd, so he did not want, he had all he needed – thus still waters and green pastures were his lot.  David really knew the true Rest Area. Look for that kind of ‘sign’ in your life – it will lead you to fullness.

Dig In

  • True rest is not found in a particular day, a church service, a certain religious ritual, a spiritual activity, or good behavior.
  • He has a Sabbath for you – it’s Him! As He is Lord of your life then let Him be Lord of your Sabbath – it is a huge area of fullness of rest for each and every day.
  • Take a deep breath. Think of still waters and green pastures – enjoy the quiet and nestle in. Your Shepherd is there. Rest. Be at peace. In Him you have all you need.

4 responses to “Lord of the Sabbath Why Is That Important

  1. Oh Nancy!!  Best one ever!! I so needed this.  I get it!  And I am resting as He Is My Shepherd! Thank you dear one! Jennifer


    • Thanks Jennifer. How He loves for His dear ones to rest in Him. And He will be faithful to take us into deeper ways of resting in Him. The key is to see those unwelcome or difficult circumstances as opportunities to move into deeper levels of rest. Whoa – talk about victorious spiritual warfare and being overcomers!

  2. Are you saying that we can break the Sabbath day? If so, that is heresy. Jesus is NOT the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the 7th day of the week aka Saturday. It starts from Friday evening till Saturday evening. Jesus offered rest, but that is not a rest like the Sabbath. If you say you “rest” everyday then you are not pious, you are Lazy. God’s Law says”Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work, the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God”. Jesus kept the Sabbath so did His disciples and apostles.

    • Sergio, thanks for your questions and thoughts. Sure appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns and position.

      I agree, in some cultures/religions the Sabbath is technically acknowledged to be Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. The Jewish religion and one Christian denomination (that I know of) consider the Sabbath to be this time frame. It is also true that one of the Old Testament commandments says to keep the Sabbath as a holy day of rest unto the Lord. But a bigger and clearer picture of rest and Sabbath came on the scene when Jesus showed up!

      You mentioned that Jesus kept the Sabbath, as did His disciples and apostles. But what do we do with – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John’s records of several instances where Jesus and His disciples broke the Sabbath? (e.g. Mt 12:1-5 Mk 2:25,26 Lk 6:1-11 Jn 5:16-18) I also find the Pharisees words very telling – “This Man is not from God, because He does not keep the Sabbath.” (Jn 9:16) Their strict adherence to the Old Covenant law of the Sabbath kept them from seeing God and His goodness standing right in front of them!

      Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law. (Mt 5:17) He even specified which laws – ALL that were written in the law of Moses. (Lk 24:44)
      Then He did something amazing – He took all these written decrees and nailed them to the cross, thus wiping out all the handwriting of requirements that were against us. (Col 2:14) This means, in Christ Jesus, we are no longer bound to the Law. Maybe Jesus was prophesying this fact when He told us to take His yoke upon ourselves and find rest?! (Mt 11:28-30)

      To clarify something in case I am misunderstood in my above point. We are ‘no longer bound to the law’ does not mean we can do anything we want to. Instead of the law, we are bound to His wondrous overflowing life. If we abide in Him why would anyone want to stoop to a ‘less than’ life?

      Paul said, “the law is not of faith.” (Gal 3:12) If we are in Christ Jesus, yet feel we have to keep certain laws, follow certain rules, set apart certain days – then we have moved away from grace and faith. We put ourselves under bondage.

      In Jesus, we are under the law of liberty. (Ja 1:25) The law of liberty AKA the law of the Spirit of life – is all about freedom, faith, trust, rest. (Rom 3:27 8:2) It has nothing to do with anything we might do or even try to do. He is our life, He is our joy, He is our fullness, He is our rest. I can’t think of a better Sabbath! And that Sabbath is to be every day of the week – refreshing all the time. Why wouldn’t He have that kind of abundance for us?

      Come to think of it, if Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath (Mk 2:28) and He fulfilled the law of the Sabbath, then the only Sabbath left is rest! Those who have believed (trust) enter that rest. (Heb. 4:3) It really has nothing to do with a day of the week.

      Sergio, hope this helps clarify what I was trying to say in this post. Thanks again for your thoughts and interest.

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