Go To Church On Sunday Is That A Rule

Christians should go to church on Sunday.


Many would say, “It is one of the Ten Commandments!” (Ex 20:8)  But, that is a weak reason since Jesus fulfilled all the Laws and removed the requirements of the Law from us. (Eph 2:15  Col 2:14  Mt 5:17   Rom 3:28 6:14)

Remember the Sabbath Go to Church! ©Nancy Teague
Questions to consider about this ‘should’ for Christians:

Are Christians, who go to church on Sunday, obeying and fulfilling the 4th Commandment?

When Christians go to church on Sunday does that mean they are keeping ‘His’ day holy?

Does it please God when Christians go to church on Sunday?

Is the Sabbath only on a certain day?

What are the Hebrew meanings of Sabbath, remember, keep, holy?

Is the Sabbath a day of rest?

Do we rest when we go to church?

What is God’s rest?

Are certain things needed to make the Sabbath holy – rituals, programs, mind sets, trained people?

Who is the Sabbath for anyway?

Who is in charge of the Sabbath?

Dig Deeper

  •  Have we been numbed and dumbed-down by our religious traditions?
  • Is there a rest that we are missing out on all because of our tradition that says – ‘Christians should go to church on Sunday’?
  • Go ahead! Ask questions! It’s okay to question the norm because there is way more beyond established religious boundaries! Fullness is waiting.

The next post will explore some answers to all those questions. Might just be eye opening!


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