Radical Results from Radical Holiness

The Most Holy God is a huge giver! This includes graciously giving believers His holy nature and thereby calling us holy ones or saints and His holy building. Of course this happens because of and through His Son. Gosh, if He gave us this holiness, then can you imagine what kind of givers we would be in turn? God give us more revelation of this powerful truth on being holy!

Ever thought about radical holiness? I’m not talking about extreme religious something or other here, I’m saying the holiness is radical because we ‘get it’! Here are some radical results that I see happening as we, His holy ones and His holy temple, absorb this incredible holy calling which makes us unlike, distinct, different, unique, other, set apart:

  • We would experience true humility because of overflowing gratitude at what God has given us of His holy nature.
  • There would be no arrogance, no better than you, no holier than thou, no I’ve got the corner on truth, no my doctrine is more right than your doctrine.
  • We would truly love ourselves realizing how significant, unique, and important we are.
  • We would then love our neighbors in a whole new way – because as we grasp our incredible uniqueness and value in turn we see the ‘unlike any other’ value in others.
  • We wouldn’t be nitpicky and judgmental of others because we would indeed see their distinct value.
  • We would long for others to see how special (believers or unbelievers), how unlike. they are meant to be in Him.
  • We would value ALL people realizing this holy status is available to all – He died once for ALL.each one matters
  • We would stop naval gazing on our wretchedness, stop thinking we are ‘just sinners saved by grace’ and realize the depth of our significance and eternal worth – this in turn would lift Jesus up, which in turn would draw other men to Him
  • We would realize we are His resting place. Jesus said the Son of Man has no where to lay His head. In essence He was looking for a body so He could be the head.  He was looking for a home, a building, where He could rest. Even as He is holy so He needs a holy body, a holy (church) building. So He made us so!
  • We would realize we don’t have to strive to be good, to be perfect, or do good works in order to please Him because we already please Him – and He has shown His pleasure in allowing us to partake of His holy nature without cost.
  • We would worship in a natural, spontaneous, unpretentious way that is not orchestrated. We would not be told when to rise up, when to sing, when to lift our hands, when to clap our hands, when sit down. The worship would flow from a holy relationship impacted by thanksgiving, awe, wonder, freedom, and joy that such a God would call us to such a high place in Him. That is part of what it means to worship in spirit and truth! (Jn 4:23,24)
  • We would find more edification happening in the body because of the freedom and desire to truly value each other individually and corporately. Do you know God loves to have His church edified? (1Cor 14:12)
  • We would experience a more natural organic flow of the life and gifts of His Spirit when His body gathered together – as each member would have the freedom to minister knowing that each is as holy as the other.  No more ‘the haves and the have nots’ of spiritual giftings! Each member would be equally valued and encouraged to participate and bless.
  • We would find our discernment increasing about demonic forces operating around us. Just think –  Satan, Lucifer, wanted to be like God out of his own arrogance. He wanted to ascend to God’s throne. God judged him and cast him down. Surely the enemy does not want us to know that we are holy, that we are unique and distinct, that we have such a high position in God. He hates that in us and doesn’t want us to know how special we are. He is the father of lies and  the accuser of the brethren. (Jn 8:44 Rev 12:10) He twists the truth about God’s goodness, he turns us against each other, he works to keep us from knowing our significance, and he loves to keep us busy doing good works thinking that is how we please God and earn His favor.
  • We would not be surprised at persecution or fiery ordeals because we know Satan has come to wage war against His saints, His holy ones. (Dan 7:21 Rev 13:7) Even if he attacks us through other people we are so sure of who we are in the Lord that we do not have to retaliate or respond in kind. We can stay in a place of peace and rest – individually and corporately. We are not bent out of shape or undone – for we know we are unlike, unique, other, set apart. Holy is a powerful place to be!

Dig In

  • Have you ever been overcome with gratitude towards God for His goodness in your life? Wouldn’t it be something to be overwhelmed with gratitude at grasping He has made you holy?
  • Revelation of a spiritual truth is a powerful experience, in kind so is gratitude. Hmm, I wonder if gratitude comes first, then revelation. I have a feeling it works both ways. We need more of that dynamic – either way!
  • What would happen if we became even more grateful for His holy ones? Talk about fullness!

3 responses to “Radical Results from Radical Holiness

  1. Good stuff…no, GREAT stuff but sooo much to digest….each of those pearls is so profound…I need them administered in tablespoons…they’re just not careless words to be read at a glance…I want to ingest them slowly…


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