Holier Than Thou

Really, I am going to get to those other ‘shoulds’ for Christians, but He keeps showing me things about this holy topic. No the topic isn’t holy, I mean the topic of holy. I was on the ‘should go to church’ topic and holy became part of it. Hope you are hanging in there. Holy is important!

Isn’t it wonderful that Christians are actually saints or holy ones and not ‘sinners saved by grace’? But, have you ever seen one who is ‘holier than thou’? Ever been one?

Unfortunately that kind of thinking does happen among believers. We can set up our levels of ‘holiness’ (AKA spirituality) based on our doctrines, experiences, building, congregation size, programs, pastors,  form of worship, good works, ministry title and position, etc. Gag me! Been there, done some of that.

Since Christians are really good at comparing themselves against each other this makes it really easy to have our doubts about someone else’s ‘walk’. Looks like that means we might even question their halo!by cartoonist Derek Easterby London, England

If we do that ‘holier than thou’ stuff then we don’t understand what holy is.

So speaking of ‘holier than thou’, here is a dynamic that helps explain a facet of holy. I have learned that within the Trinity there is this relational flow of pure mutuality. The Father, because of love, is continually and freely giving all of Himself to the Son. Jesus receives it but in turn give it back plus all of who He is to the Father, because of love. No One is over the other. No One keeps anything to Himself. There is absolutely no self-centeredness. Their relationship is totally interdependent. The Holy Spirit is the loving flow of this mutuality. What joy must abound in this continual giving relationship! Would not this mutuality and unhindered giving be part of the beauty of His holiness? Truly it is hagios – unlike, unique, different, other, set apart.

Given we are made in the image of God, why wouldn’t we expect that He desires this kind of mutuality among His children?

We are unique, different, and set apart from the world and how they treat each other. The world thrives on competition and comparison. Praise God, we as His holy ones, get to be ‘unlike’ that!

Now, think about that mutuality as His holy temple (which is what we are) – talk about interdependence! There certainly would be no room for hierarchical levels in His kind of building. Remember, one stone does not a building make!

Hmm, I wonder if there is a halo over His holy building made of living stones?

Dig In

  • Maybe the phrase ‘holier than thou’ hasn’t encroached your thinking or attitude, but what if there are subtle ‘levels of spirituality’ floating around in your mind? It hinders fullness. Ask the Lord to expose it and free you from it.
  • Maybe the world has lured you into its pattern of competition and comparison. Ask God to free you of that too! You’ll be more able to see not only yours, but others’ as well with ‘halos’ bright and shining.
  • Mutual interdependence is a powerful dynamic. This comes out of His holy nature. May we, His holy ones, begin to desire that powerful dynamic as never before. Truly then, there will be no more ‘holier than thou’ at work among us.

2 responses to “Holier Than Thou

  1. Hi Nancy! Great learning from you. Thanks again for your time and prayers. I hope you are well.

    Blessings, Brenda

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