Fullness for Aurora, CO

How does one make sense of vicious random murder of innocent movie goers and a booby trap of bombs in the murderer’s apartment?

Where is God in this kind of slaughter? Where is fullness of life among so much death? Where is fullness among so much physical and emotional pain?Aurora vigil

When we can get past the loss, the shock, the anger, the outrage, the confusion then there is hope of finding answers in Him.

It is easy to focus on the natural realm and forget, or don’t even know, about our enemy in the spirit realm of evil. These demonic forces can take advantage of or may I say ‘feed off of’, man’s flesh (in all its selfishness, anger, hurts, abuse, neglect, loss, despair, rejection, etc.) for its own destructive purposes. The enemy hates people, for they are made in the image of God and have great destiny in Jesus Christ. The enemy and his demonic hordes will do ‘whatever’ to keep people from coming into truth and bring doubt on God’s goodness and sovereignty.

One third of Jesus’ ministry was casting out demons, and He sent His disciples to do the same. Why would we think this spiritual warfare has ceased? Paul said we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of the darkness…and that…the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritually minded for the pulling down of strongholds raised up against the knowledge of God. (Eph 6:12 2Cor 10:3,4)

With that awareness, what kind of demonic influence was going on prior to and during the movie premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? What kind of dark knight really rose that night? Does that let James Holmes off the hook? Absolutely not! But what is the bigger picture? What is the cosmic battle going on for lives?

What happened to Holmes that opened him up to such dark thoughts and actions? Desperate people do desperate things. Only God knows a heart. Only God knows the whole story of a man. Where does fullness fit in for someone like this mass murderer? The word says, “For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.” Jn 1:16   I have to say ‘all’ is ALL – that is all of us. How God works all this out for good and life is part of the mystery and goodness of His beauty. Somehow, sometime God’s love and redemption will wind its way into the hearts of those that have suffered loss in this Aurora tragedy. His justice is pure and sure. His mercies are new every morning. He is grace upon grace.

Darkness seemed to triumph on that dark night when the Joker seemed to have his day. But Light always shines in the darkness. (Jn 1:5) Light overcame darkness and Light will overcome this darkness. Because of that fullness will come.

Lord, You are the God of all comfort. Bring Your supernatural Comfort to those affected by this painful night. Thank you for the comfort of others touching those in need. May Your healing presence be profound and real upon those in emotional and physical pain. Give us eyes to see the bigger picture. We need understanding. Where the enemy meant evil You always have a way of bringing forth life and good. Thank you for Life moving in many lives because of this tragedy. Release Fullness for Aurora. Amen


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