Woman Washing His Feet Part 1

The previous post, ‘Fullness In The Bible’, helped show that Jesus is the fullness and the giver of fullness. One of the verses stated we have all received of this fullness, so who would that include? How about a prostitute?

Luke 7:37-50 is a true story of such an immoral woman who found fullness. I hope you can take time to read this passage as He just might show you some other insights on fullness.

The Scene

Woman Washing Jesus' Feet

Woman Washing Jesus’ Feet – Artist Unknown

Simon, the Pharisee, is having Jesus over for dinner. An immoral woman learns Jesus is in this Pharisee’s house. Not invited, let alone welcomed, she has the audacity to invade his house and crash the dinner party. The woman is weeping over Jesus’ feet, wetting them with her tears, wiping them with her hair, kissing His feet, and anointing them with perfume.

Did you know

  • in that culture a woman was to loose her hair only before her husband in private, to let it down in public was scandalous – like going topless in our day
  • kissing His feet – the Greek word kissing implies ‘smothering’ His feet with kisses
  • the vial of perfume would have been bought with money from her type of ‘work’ 

Questions To Ponder

  • Would some consider her perfume ‘unclean’ knowing how she paid for it? Would that thought have even crossed her mind?
  • What compelled this woman of ill repute to dare enter a Pharisee’s house to get to Jesus?
  • Couldn’t she have waited until she saw Him on the street or among the crowds?
  • Did she not care that she looked like an uncontrollable mess?
  • Didn’t she think she might be thrown out by Simon knowing she was of ill repute?
  • Had she lost common sense – going into a ‘den’ of judgment and condemnation?
  • Wouldn’t she even think, “Awkward.”, for Jesus?
  • Did she forget about the cultural propriety of women keeping their hair bound up in public?
  • Was she hoping to gain something by barging in like this?

Dig In

  • Everything about this woman and her actions are uncomfortable and against the norm.
  • Many of us like decorum and tidy but God shows up most when it’s messy. Or is it that He seems to invite messy?!
  • When we see something that is so uncomfortable or messy do we take time to consider why it might be that way? If we do, it might enlarge us to get past outward appearances and go to the heart of things thus discovering fullness.

Next post: Part 2 – what happened to this prostitute to do what she did?


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