Defining Full

Ever take time to ponder? Ever take time to imagine? Might just be a way towards fullness.

What is full in regards to understanding fullness? Here’s The American Heritage College Dictionary’s definition of full

  1. containing all that is normal or possible
  2. complete in every particular
  3. being at the peak of development or maturity
  4. having a great deal
  5. totally qualified, accepted, or empowered
  6. having depth of body
  7. rich

Questions and Commentary

  1. What is normal or possible in the spiritual realm of fullness?
  2. Complete in every particular? Sounds like detail and wholeness are part of the package.
  3. Do you think God already sees us at the peak of development and maturity? If He is the beginning and the end then seems He already sees the peak of fullness in us.
  4. Is ‘having a great deal’ about quantity? Maybe. Or do we get a great deal on fullness?
  5. Ever felt totally qualified, accepted, or empowered? Wouldn’t that be something!? Well fullness gives that and it’s free. That’s part of the deal. Really!
  6. Hmm – having depth of body. Is this for tall people? Actually maybe it means depth of substance. Kind of like Ps 42:7 “Deep calls unto deep…” Since we are made in His image I’d say we all have a lot of depth. Oh to see that in each other!

Dig In:

  • Fullness is worth pondering.
  • You are meant to be complete and overflowing – it’s that full.
  • Deep is calling unto deep in you. Be open to hear and receive.

4 responses to “Defining Full

  1. This topic is fascinating, Nancy! I look forward to reading how you develop this topic. By the way, you like fly-fishing. Check out the website for Sisters on the Fly. It is now a national organization, but started out as a group of women who fixed up some old time camper trailers and camped and fly-fished together.

  2. Thanks BR for you encouragement and interest. Please continue to jump in as FULLNESS unfolds and grows. ;o) What a hoot – I checked! Too sweet! Even saw some cowgirl fly fishermen. Love horseback riding. Gosh you also have members from Canada, England, and Australia. And 2,400+ members! The site is so colorful and informative – will enjoy checking it out more thoroughly. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I share your sentiments Nancy as this Love and Joy which flows to me and fills me can not be contained. It must be shared and thus multiplied!

  4. Deb, Right on, it must be shared. In fact if we really have it we find we can't not share! Multiply indeed – it's in its DNA! What a treat to grow together. Blessings overflow to you

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