Growing In Fullness Begins

Here’s leaping into fullness! Why do I want to talk about fullness? Because it has made and is making all the difference in the quality of my life. Good news – it can and will make all the difference in yours!

Fullness CloudValuable Questions

  • What is fullness?
  • Where is fullness found?
  • Why do I need fullness?
  • Is there a who involved in this fullness stuff?
  • Is there a limit to fullness?
  • Is it hard to grow in fullness?
  • How long does it take to get this fullness?
  • Are there different ways fullness happens?
  • Feeling empty?
  • Ever wondered if there’s more?

Join me in discovering the wonder of fullness! Heads up though – it may not happen the way you think.

Dig In:

  • We were made for fullness.
  • Be open to what, how, when, why of fullness.
  • True fullness makes a huge difference in your life.

8 responses to “Growing In Fullness Begins

  1. Nancy~I am so greatful that you were called to share his good news! Indeed you are a true example of "Growing in Fullness". I am excited to see/learn more…in many ways:) This blog is awesome!!!!!! I am super excited to be the first post!

  2. Anonymous, thanks so much for being the quick responder! I look forward to a corporate adventure and growing together!

  3. Best profile picture EVER!!!! Sooooooo, let's get to learning! 🙂

  4. You would have had a lol if you'd seen me trying to take that profile picture. Good thing there are timers! Game on – I'm for learning. 😉

  5. Which blog will be updated more often, art or this new one. I think I know. And many will profit.

  6. This one ;o) Remember, I think I will bust sometimes – just have to share this fullness! Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Well, of course there is a "Who" involved in fullness… abiding in the Vine. He is the source of LIFE…to the full!!! He IS life. My heart had to be healed of many disappointments etc. (hope differed makes the heart sick) before I could truly abide. There is no real fullness, if I just pretend to be OK. Now, after several years of crying out to The Lord for more of HIM, my heart is much healthier, He has answered my prayer. A desire fulfilled is a tree of life. There is much more, I know, but in the process, I can honestly describe my life (and heart)as full.

  8. Right on Anonymous. "Who" is the key and pretense does not allow for fullness. Sadly religion thrives on pretenses.He truly does hear our cries. So happy for you that you have tapped into that Tree of Life in deeper ways which can result in Jer. 17:7,8!

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